How to export a FreeNAS NFS share as a XenServer NFS VHD SR

Creating SR

There was an error while trying to create the NFS storage repository

Check your settings and try again.

…How informative.

Here’s one configuration that will work. I have yet to test the security implications of this but NFS never seemed very secure to me in the first place.

FreeNAS (GUI):

  • In the Storage menu create a dataset that you’ll put your VHD files in for XenServer.
    • Share type: UNIX
    • Owner: nobody
    • Group: wheel
  • In the Sharing menu create an NFS share for that dataset.
    • Check the “All Directories” box to allow XenServer to mount whatever subdirectories it wants
    • Mapall User: nobody
    • Mapall Group: wheel
    • Leave permissions as defaults (755)
    • Set allowed hostnames/IPs as appropriate


  • Select your pool, hit New Storage
  • Select NFS VHD
  • Enter the IP address (hostname resolution seems flaky) of the FreeNAS server, followed by a colon and the path to the share.
    • ex:
  • Create New SR

Additional notes: These steps were completed using XenCenter x64. OpenXenManager is currently unable to complete these steps without crashing.


  1. Thank you! This worked for me after being a long time looking for a solution on the web.

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