Magento – Redirection problems after changing domain

I was working on a site using the Magento platform, and had the temporary staging site located at a subdomain of the main site. When the time came to move it to production, I:

  • Took a snapshot of the EC2 instance hosting the current iteration of the site,
  • Created a DNS A record pointing www.site.com to the site’s IP address,
  • Changed the existing testing.site.com DNS A record to a CNAME record redirecting to www.site.com,
  • Changed the Unsecure Base URL and Secure Base URL (System > Configuration > Web) to www.site.com,
  • Cleared all caches within the Magento dashboard,
  • Crossed my fingers and grit my teeth.

Despite my best efforts, after the DNS servers updated we began seeing errors pertaining to redirect loops and other general browser failures. I tried clearing cookies and cache on the workstations in question, but no luck. I tried Private Browsing mode to ensure a completely sterile user experience and the site appeared to work but still experienced failures.

Then I sshed into the server and cleared the contents of the magento/var/cache directory (rm -rf magento/var/cache/*). As soon as I did that, the site started working again.

…at least, for a little bit. After clearing the cache, the site would appear to work for about 10 minutes before popping up a whole host of redirection errors all over again. After another 10 minutes or so, it would appear to function again. Another 10 minutes, and it’s down again.

It doesn’t follow a strict schedule, but it is definitely regular.

Having cleared out every tmp directory I could find, deleted the contents of magento/var/session/, checked all my .htaccess files and even poked around in the Apache config. The last time I’ve seen something like this, it was an .htaccess error, where a URL rewrite was incorrectly performed, but I cannot find anywhere in my current install where this might be applicable.

Re-enabling the cache within Magento seemed to fix the problem– I was able to browse for more than 10 minutes but accessing the site from another computer did not work at all.

So, I set my sights on DNS. Nslookup showed two different A records pointing to the www subdomain. Ooops.

I deleted the incorrect one (not even sure what it was pointing to) and am waiting for propagation. We’ll see if that fixes it.


  1. Did u manage to solve this issue? I am facing a similar issue where the subdomain keeps redirecting to the main domain no matter what I do.

    • Yep. I had two IP addresses associated with the same hostname, so that was my issue. I doubt it is yours as well but you might want to check into that!

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