Office 2007 – AUGH MY EYES

So they upgraded Office to Office 2007 today. Unfortunately the first thing I noticed was my eyes bleeding from the blurriness of the fonts. I don’t know why Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to enable ClearType despite the fact that I had turned it off system-wide, but they did. I don’t like their ugly, blurry font.

There are a few guides floating around the internet that involve registry hacking and such, but no solution seems to be as simple and elegant as Microsoft’s own.

From KB 926705 on how to turn off ClearType fonts in a 2007 Office program:

Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007,
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, or Microsoft Office Word

Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click program Options.
Click Popular.
Under Top options in working with program, click to clear the Always use ClearType check box.
Click OK to close the program Options dialog box.
Restart the 2007 Office program.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

On the Tools menu, click Options.
Click the Mail Format tab, and then click Editor Options.
Under Working with Outlook and other Microsoft Office programs, click to clear the Always use ClearType check box.
Click OK to close the Editor Options dialog box.
Click OK to close the Options dialog box.
Restart Outlook 2007.

Alternately: Change the system setting

To change the system setting, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.
Click the Appearance tab, and then click Effects.
In the Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts box, click Standard.
Click OK to close the Effects dialog box.
Click OK to close the Display Properties dialog box.

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