Outlook 2013 – Business Contact Manager fields incorrect, wrong

Outlook 2013 client using BCM; has been working fine for about a month. The virtual machine was created about that long ago.

User is now reporting that when he tries to add contacts, the fields do not match up with what he is typing. I confirmed this; trying to select “Pager” for one of the three phone numbers selects “Business 2” instead, and the default email account is “Email 2.”

Speculation on the net suggests a MS update from 09/2013 that broke some things, but I did not see any updates from September 2013 as suggested– the image is less than a month old, all the updates were installed at the time of deployment, save for four security updates that did not appear to have anything to do with Office or its components.

Reinstalled BCM and created a NEW local database. Problem persists on a clean install with a fresh database.

Seems like an issue with the forms in Outlook itself, but I didn’t have the reinstallation media handy for Office so I opted to uninstall SQL Server instead. Uninstalled BCM again, then SQL server. Still broken.

Ran an Office Quick Repair. Errored out; code 30102-13. Didn’t want to waste time with an online repair.

Uninstalled Office 2013 after all. Uninstalled Microsoft Chart Controls and Microsoft OneDrive. The only software remaining on the image was Parallels Tools. Started anew:

Tried to install Office again. Errored out with a generic message and some stupid advice. Rebooted. Still no luck. Ran the manual uninstaller Fixit thingie Microsoft provides. Completed successfully; rebooted for good measure.

Office installer started. Installing x64 this time. Installed x64 BCM. Created new local database again. Still hosed.

Gave up; reinstalling Windows and will disable updates until there is a fix for this.



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