UPS File Logistics

Normalization? What’s that?

This was the first professional project I’d ever undertaken, and is very similar to the types of projects I’m called in nowadays to erase and rebuild.

It’s nothing if not elegant though, and did solve the problem it was designed to.

While working as a data-entry clerk, part of my job was tracking down physical files for examiners. Every few months, batches of old files would be shipped to off-site storage, but no record of which files were sent was ever kept– just a general range number.

Occasionally, individual files would be recalled from storage if a legal matter arose. No record was kept of this either, so at any given time we had no idea if a file was on-site or off-site. The storage vendor charged us every time we made a request.

My solution? I had every single box recalled from storage, then sat down and inventoried every file in each box. It took a few weeks, but I came up with a system of logistics that identified the whereabouts of every file, every box, and the date of the newest file in the box so we would know when the statute of limitations ran out.

We knew where every file was from that point forward and never had to pay for searches again.

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Client: UPS Supply Chain Solutions


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