VMware Server 1.0.8 – /libview/autoDrawer.c: line 213 assertion failed

On Ubuntu 9.04 with VMware Server 1.0.8, I am getting the following sporadic error:


(null): file ../../libview-0.5.6/libview/autoDrawer.c: line 213
(ViewAutoDrawerUpdate): assertion failed: (grabbed)

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Navigating through menus? Crash. Open a new window? Crash. But not all the time.

According to bzero, the following might work:

My workaround is not to use the connection property window which comes up
automatically. I close it and manually click connect button, then it works.

This does not work for me, however. I am still researching either a fix or a workaround.

I found a potential solution that involves updating libview. I will have to try it later.

UPDATE 06/25: Thanks to a commenter’s suggestion, I tried turning desktop effects back on (to “Normal”). VMware seems to run without issue ever since I first made the switch. Previously I had desktop effects disabled. So if you’re having trouble with VMware being unstable, try doing the same.


  1. Did you ever fix this? I was having this same issue, neither of the above solutions worked for me. I’m using Ubuntu 9.04, vmware-server 1.0.9 and kernel 2.6.28-12-generic. I was able to finally make the problem go away by using “normal” desktop effects instead of “none”. Don’t really know why that worked, but it seems to be for now a least…

  2. I never did follow up on it seeing as it *only* crashes if/when I'm poking around in the Server menus. When I'm working with the actual VM it never gives me any problems, so I opted to just deal with it.

    Curiously enough I do also have my desktop effects set to "none." I will try changing that on my end and reporting back after using it for a bit.

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