Windows Server 2012 – Command “Export-DhcpServer not found”

I haven’t done a lot with Windows systems lately but figure it’s about time to migrate my home domain to something a little more modern, like an OS whose successor is going to be released any day now.

At any rate, I was following this TechNet Article on migrating DHCP servers from 2008 to 2012 when I got to a step that had me using the “Export-DhcpServer” command from the W2k12 machine– except I was getting “command not found” errors.

I’m still in demo mode and hadn’t updated the box or installed Server Migration Tools, but the culprit turned out to be something much simpler– the command is only available when the DHCP Server role is installed.

In my case, I’d just rolled back to a snapshot that I took before I installed DHCP, so the command was not available!

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